Leading Confinement Comfort on Demand
TL;DR – Confinement is a common practice for post-partum mothers in Asia, which is proven as one of the most effective health aftercare, mentally and physically. Pantang Plus, founded by Zamzana Mohd Ariffin and her partners, believe that confinement service is a must and can be brought to homes by trained practitioners. 

Pantang Plus is a tech platform for pregnant lady who want to confinement with traditional way but with reliable therapist. With Pantang Plus, the pregnant ladies can the book the post-natal care ritual easier and comfortably. Pantang Plus also provides information and database about their services. The responsible for this incredible idea is Zamzana Mohd Ariffin, who get inspired by the spa that she own.

Pantang Plus is one of the rising trends in Malaysia that’s giving services to pregnant lady in traditional way along with modern cultural. You know about confinement that usually done after giving birth in Malay community? The herbs bath, tungku, lulur and tangas?

“It’s already our culture that after giving birth we have confinement time”.

Confinement is essential for pregnant lady just to get boost their energy back after giving birth. It’s one of the ways for them to have relaxing therapies after giving birth. So Pantang Plus has few recovery packages with basic 14 days, 21 days and 28 days. Pantang Plus offering supreme services such as “Mothercare” that include urut, tungku, tangas, lulur, herb baths and many more for the mommies.

Besides, Pantang Plus also offers “Babycare” for the little one such as bath, urut and tuam. But Pantang Plus services extend to more than traditional therapies, it also offer housekeeping, laundry and even cooking healthy confinement foods for the mommies!

Since the first 3 to 5 days in confinement is the most challenging for new mother because they experienced changes after giving birth and this is called the ‘fragile’ period for them. Some people who much calm that they can contain meanwhile some, they are cool and calm but actually afraid. Even the babies are feeling alienated due to meeting new people. So the Pantang Plus therapies giving their best to ensure that they feel cosy.

“It’s not just about massaging and treatment, we are to that one point to help them, to heal” said Zamzana. Some customer facing different challenges while they were pregnant even after giving birth problems. They need extra care so they won’t feel tensed. The staffs need to monitor the mommy every time.

Zamzana believe that she can do it, she can do business well. That’s one of the reasons why Pantang Plus existed. Zamzana also came across a different idea why she launches Pantang Plus. That is for unwed teen mothers that were drop-outs with little prospect to empower with confinement skills to become mobile therapist.

Pantang Plus’s staffs are highly professional and well-trained by Zamzana herself. They establish a better training method to boost the quality of the therapists. Pantang Plus consist of 45 staffs that are very friendly, hardworking and have excellent skill to making sure the confinement services went smoothly.

Other than that, the therapist also needs to go to other country for example Singapore due to customer demand and need. Most working pregnant lady find that Pantang Plus is actually a great confinement company due to the herbs products that were used, post-natal care, and other extend.

Zamzana believe that Pantang Plus will grow more in future due to current market. Obviously, since Pantang Plus stand firmly to claim the title “lead” in confinement arena. They sell more than 10 packages every month making them a lot of profit of 20% to 40% depending on package type that the customers choose. It was a step-by-step growth for them, but now Pantang Plus base is larger and full of challenges.

For the future, Zamzana hopes that more people will know about Pantang Plus and to see this mobile therapist to be able to expand their wings to be well-known, to be able cater more customers globally.


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